I was awarded a 2021 Arts Incubator Residency by Cornish College of the Arts to further the experimentation and development of "The Phoenix." The residency will happen October 25-November 7, 2021 in their theater at the Seattle Center.  My team of artists are Abby Enson (dance), Christopher Overstreet (music and tech genius) and Patricia Toovey (costume design).
“The Phoenix” is a dance performance (in progress) that will be part of my conceptual art photography exhibition “Rodin’s Photographer.” This movement piece is based on a night dream I had, my ongoing research into the dancers who inspired sculptor Auguste Rodin, and  a desire to work in collaboration with a dancer.
It is intriguing to work “The Phoenix” dream into a moody, gothic stage performance, and seeing what transpires through photography, lighting, projected video, dancing, costumes and music. In the dream a woman sits too close to the fire. She is daydreaming and not aware that the bottom of her hoop skirt is on fire. From behind her, her assistant lifts up the hoop, like a circus act, the dancer dips down and through the fiery hoop and transforms into …
“The Phoenix” is about a relationship of sorts between the Unknown Photographer’s spirit (personified as the assistant) and her soul (personified as the dancer Stella Rosa). The Unknown Photographer is the protagonist in “Rodin’s Photographer.”
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